The Morley-Montgomery Award…

There are a number of revered traditions in the Sherlockian community – with its history of more than a century (and with the Baker Street Irregulars now in their seventies) – those traditions have had a long time to accrue. One of those traditions – which I’ve written about often, is that of playing the Game.

Another tradition, which is more relevant to this post, is that of choosing the best article in the Baker Street Journal every year and honoring it with the Morley-Montgomery Award.

I have the great pleasure of announcing that I am the recipient of said award for 2013. This is news that was announced at the Baker Street Weekend and has made its way through Sherlockian circles, as well as those of my friends and family by now, but if any have not heard….yours truly is quite honored.

I also post this again because my winning article, A Study in Scarlet and the Study of Mankind: Sherlock Holmes and Pope’s Study on Man, is now available at the Baker Street Journal website. The article was published in the Winter 2013 issue of the BSJ, but, should you not possess a subscription, the article itself is on sale at the journal’s site for $5. (I have no idea where the money goes, but I presume to some sort of Sherlockian fund, perhaps for next year’s winner). 


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